Arpoino's ballet Reflections

  • Choreography, Dance Production

Choreolab 2013 spring performance will mark the first staging of excerpts from the Gerald Arpino ballet Reflections as a repetiteur for the Gerald Arpino and Robert Joffrey foundation. This ballet has been in the Joffrey Ballet's repertoire since 1971 and continues to be set on professional companies and schools across the country. Through a grant I will be able to stage the work for the Duke Repertory Ensemble with scheduled performances in March 2013. Having danced this work under the tutelage of Gerald Arpino along with many other Arpino ballets for more than 13 years, I feel this is an important opportunity to pass on my knowledge through this work. I was awarded an internal grant to stage Gerald Arpino's ballet Reflections and I look forward to supporting the foundation and creating an educational opportunity for Duke Dance Program to work with the Gerald Arpino foundation in preserving and performing his works.

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  • Julie Janus Walters

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  • 2012