The Amazing Adventures of Grace May B. Brown: A musical spirit dance/folk performance

  • Choreography

"The Amazing Adventures of Grace May B. Brown" is performed folklore based in tradition, stories, legends and folk. With original live and recorded music, Grace May B. Brown is a soulful, spirit-filled, dancing, musical folk performance. The work retells history and folklore through dance, music and song, whispers and shouts. Grace's adventures travel in and out of generations of folk who direct her toward a sense of belonging. Grace May’s story is one of praise and laughter, kin and dust. The world opens to her lovely, sassy wings: “Who are you and where do you belong?” “I am Grace and I belong everywhere.”

Duke Faculty Artists/Collaborators

Cited Artists/Collaborators

  • Andrea Woods Valdes; Julia Price, additinal compositions and arrangements; Shana Tucker, composer

Creation Date

  • May 2014