Adinkra Wisdom

  • Choreography

I created Adinkra Wisdom after directing the Duke In Ghana summer study for 2 summers. I was highly motivated to incorporate the cultural traditions into the contemporary work I make as an artist in the United Stated. The work is inspired by Akan symbols that represent Ghanaian values and thought. As non-verbal illustration of proverbs, parables and maxims they portray the philosophical thinking and way of life of Akan people. The ideology represented by graphic symbols brings out the philosophical, educational, historical and moral values inherent in the Adrinkra symbol for the benefit of both Ghanaians and foreigners. Their significance can be universal and contemporary, and can be given relation to any people of any land.

Duke Faculty Artists/Collaborators

Cited Artists/Collaborators

  • Andrea Woods Valdes

Creation Date

  • November 2013