HIP Concerto (Chamber Concerto No. 3)

  • Musical Composition

HIP Concerto (Chamber Concerto No. 3) (2013) for J.S. Bach inspired ensemble of Historical or Modern Instruments: Recorder/Transverse Fl., Baroque Oboe, Baroque Trumpet (D and C), Baroque Violin, Baroque Viola, Baroque Cello, Violone, Harpsichord. (17′) (May also be performed with modern flute, oboe, and trumpet, and modern strings; the solo strings may augmented as well.) Commissioned by: Mallarmé Chamber Players for the North Carolina HIP Festival, February, 2014 Premiere: North Carolina HIP Festival, February 2014

Commissioned By

  • Mallarmé Chamber Players and Alienor for the NC HIP Festival

Duke Faculty Artists/Collaborators

Cited Artists/Collaborators

  • Stephen Jaffe

Creation Date

  • 2014