9th Biennale Internationale D’Estampe Contemporaine de Trois-Rivieres

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Seven prints of my prints were included in the Biennale Internationale d’estampe Contemporaine de Trois-Rivieres.  This exhibition, the largest in Canada, is dedicated to printmaking and will be located in four venues in Quebec (Ancienne gare ferroviare, Centre d’exposition Raymond-Lasnier, Galerie d’art du Parc and Musee Pierre-Boucher).  Prints included in the show are grouped by theme in each exhibition space. My work was included with works classified under Motifs and Cultures, described in the catalogue as, “Whether they be simple or complex, motifs reflect the traditions and culture of a people at different epochs. Drawing from varied sources of inspiration, at once vegetal, geometrical and symbolical, artists attempt to conceptualize these forms in order to imbue them with renewed meaning s more in tune with the contemporary world. The dissected, interrelated and re-positioned image is in constant evolution, and the artist created is own contemporary cartography.” Shatzman was one of 56 artists from 25 countries, 9 of whom were American, included in this prestigious international exhibition.

Duke Faculty Artists/Collaborators

Cited Artists/Collaborators

  • Merrill Shatzman

Creation Date

  • 2015