Deconstructing Disney: The Architecture of Paul and Damon McCarthy's Pirate Party

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Paul and Damon McCarthy’s Pirate Party (2005) deconstructs the values represented in the Disney-infused architectural fantasy of the ride “Pirates of the Caribbean” and the American culture that it purports to represent and contributes to inventing. The McCarthys’ playful, disturbing performance of sex and gore takes place in an impermanent architectural stage set comprised of a makeshift pirate’s ship and a rickety town with windows open to bedrooms. This proscenium configuration unsettles while it unmasks the simulacra of the hidden violence of Disneyland in a radical, performative, architectural space that equally requires museums and galleries to transform their own settings into anti-Disney sites.

Duke Faculty Artists/Collaborators

Cited Artists/Collaborators

  • Nathan Bullock

Creation Date

  • December 2015