Restaginf of Yansã the Tempest.

  • Choreography, Dance Production

Based on research of the Candomblé religion in Salvador da Bahia, Yansã, the only female orixá, or divinity represents transformation. Created for the Duke African Repertory Ensemble. Musical arrangement by: Richard J. Vinesett using traditional music of the Candomblé Orixas and West African dun-dun, influenced rhythms. Musicians: Beverly Botsford, Terry Lonergan, Caique Vidal, Richard J. Vinesett, (Musical Director). Costume Construction by Mabinti Shabu. Dancers: Bonita Joyce, Nicole Ross, Tria Smothers, Oesa Vinesett. Length 11 minutes.

Duke Faculty Artists/Collaborators

Cited Artists/Collaborators

  • Ava LaVonne Vinesett

Creation Date

  • 2019