Living Devices

  • New Media

Living Devices explores the interaction between organic and artificial systems where a hybrid unity may be possible, where the function of the device relies on both the electronic and the biological components of the system. More precisely, my interest lies in creating a series of living devices that combine electronic control system with live bacterial systems. The main research aims to investigate possible variations of negotiation at the different bacterial organisms will aid in identifying suitable electric ranges that may create interesting growth results and patterns. For the purpose of this piece, I developed a series of electrode configurations that can moderate and control the voltage level of each single electrode in generating non-unified, diverse and possibly dynamic electrical field environments for experimentation. Ideally, the target bacterial organism would be a strain sensitive to electrical environments and utilize electrical bursts to communicate between colonies. Due to limits in accessibility at the time, the existing case study utilizes the JM109 strain of E. coli to develop methodology and obtain basic knowledge of bacterial response.

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  • Weijing Xu

Creation Date

  • 2013