The Bioharmonic Quartet

  • New Media

The Bio-harmonic Quartet links together a number of musicians and artists via a biofeedback network. This network acts as a musical interface and uses the collective data of participants’ bodily activities to generate music and soundscapes in collaboration with an AI. The goal is to put music production into the context of the increasingly important debates happening between man and machine. The piece also strives to explore news concepts of musical performance and production utilizing developing technologies. This work was created in collaboration with Benjamin Bacon. It consisted of a machine learning module and basic wearable sensory system. The first iteration of this work was presented at the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra during the second half of musician B6's (Nanli Lou) solo concert Blossoms along-side the Shanghai Philharmonic string quartet, pianists and guitarist Wang Wenwei. Artists: Benjamin Bacon, Vivian Xu Performers: B6 (Lou Nanli), Wang Wenwei, Shanghai Philharmonic String Quartet

Duke Faculty Artists/Collaborators

Cited Artists/Collaborators

  • Weijing Xu

Creation Date

  • 2018