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r_upTure (2021) draws its musical material and text from a Python program by the same name. The Python program was designed to build a musical system that filters out non-common pitches between chords in a given progression. As the program runs, however, the system begins to rupture, adding in non-common pitches and chord extensions. Several resultant iterations of the program were used as source material and appear as layered strands throughout the piece. The text narrated throughout the piece is a recitation of the program's code.The rupturing of both the program and the piece draws from modes of resistence and rupture theorized in the works of Black Feminist theorist bell hooks, creating a sonic space that imagines how structures can be ruptured and redefined.

Duke Faculty Artists/Collaborators

Cited Artists/Collaborators

  • Ayan Felix; Brittany Green; Ivy Williams; Mind on Fire

Creation Date

  • 2021