Tues@7 Presents "Home"

  • Musical Composition

International Contemporary Ensemble members Isabel Lepanto Gleicher (flute) and Nuiko Wadden (harp), and composer-performer Brittany J. Green present a program focused on the different meanings of “Home” through the lens of fractured and fractal experiences during this time of COVID-19. With different soundscape samples, improvised pieces, and interview segments, “Home” explores how sounds of home are shaping our aural landscapes in the present moment. In the past year, each performers’ relationship with their physical space and sound-scape has evolved into an intimate portrait of the quotidienne. Different versions of Brittany J. Green’s "Intersections" work as musical exemplifiers of how creators are living currently; a score with no set beginning or end that still allows convergence.

Duke Faculty Artists/Collaborators

Cited Artists/Collaborators

  • Brittany Green; International Contemporary Ensemble

Creation Date

  • 2021