DISCOURSE: white privilege | American Realness at Gibney Dance / Manhattan, NY

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I performed alongside Professor Thomas F. DeFrantz, creating a live soundscape incorporating custom gestural technologies I developed. Description below: Is everyone always automatically expected to share the concerns of people of color? Do we all really have to pay attention to race, religion, sexuality, ethnicity? What constitutes “white privilege?” If I’m not interested in being part of some solution, am I really part of the problem? What if I’m a maker/audience/presenter who happens to be interested in love, or formal structure, or myth, or universal qualities of empathy? What am I to do now? This dialogic manifesto-lecture-performance offers strategies for constructing a shared, useful understanding of white privilege and its implacable effects in the world. This performance is second in the series begun with i am black [you have to be willing to not know] at American Realness 2015. Sonicscape by Quran Karriem.

Duke Artist


  • January 15, 2018