Black Lives Matter Vidas Negras Importam Brazil-USAExhibit | Black Lives Matter Vidas Negras Importam Brazil-USA at Duke University

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The Black Lives Matter/Vidas Negras Importam research team is producing an exhibition comparing movements to defend Black lives in Brazil and the United States during May and June 2020. Undergraduate and graduate students began work on the exhibition as part of a course taught by Mellon Visiting Professor of Latin American Studies Dr. Silvio Almeida and Dr. John French in Spring 2020. The course examined the historical evolution and contemporary social movements that address law, structural racism, and racist police violence in the U.S. and Brazil, the two countries in the hemisphere with the largest African-descended populations. It focused on the history and ongoing fight of the African-descended peoples of both countries to protect and enlarge their rights while defending themselves from the ravages of racism. The exhibition presents key takeaways from the course, but it also offers a comparative vision of race, human rights, and democracy in the U.S. and Brazil and highlight contemporary protest movements in both countries. The primary tasks of this project are to gather images, words, sounds, videos, and facts for the exhibition and to organize them in a compelling series of posters and podcasts that can be shared with audiences in the United States and in Brazil. Undergraduate student curators carried out independent research, worked collaboratively on the content and design of the exhibition, developed visual, aural and written content, and participated in regular project meetings to give and receive feedback and track progress toward the final goal.

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  • May 2020