Fellowship . American Academy on Communication in Healthcare.


The Executive Committee and the Board of Directors of the American Academy on Communication in Healthcare (AACH) proposes to honor publicly those of its members who make substantial contributions to the AACH mission by awarding to those individuals the honor of being designated a Fellow of the AACH (FAACH). Criteria for Fellowship in the AACH: To be considered for Fellowship an individual must: Be a member of AACH in good standing for a minimum of five (5) years. Have attended at least three (3) AACH courses (e.g., Enrich, Winter Course) or conferences (e.g., AACH Forum, International Conference on Communication in Healthcare). Demonstrate behavior consistent with themes and values outlined as essential in the AACH mission statement: Focus on strengths, resources and needs of patients, clinicians and other professionals - both as unique individuals and in relationships to one another. Develop skills that integrate biological, psychosocial and social domains. Apply existing scholarship from multiple disciplines and/or develop new knowledge through research. Promote collaborative relationships between clinicians and patients, teachers and learners, and other involved professionals. Incorporate core values of respect, empathy and genuineness in human relationships and the importance of self-awareness in all activities. Sign a statement attesting that any/all relevant professional licenses are in good standing. Earn a total of 15 points from any combination of the following activities or accomplishments: