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We are excited to announce that Will Eward, MD, DVM, has received the Hyundai Hope on Wheels $250,000 award! Hyundai Hope On Wheels creates awareness for pediatric cancers and awards large grants to doctors and premiere research centers for life-saving research. This 19-year HHOW commitment awards grants in various categories to researchers at eligible Children’s Oncology Group member institutions. The highly-competitive grants are aimed at expanding the knowledge base of the disease and improving the standards of care. As an Orthopaedic Oncologist, Dr. Eward specializes in preserving and reconstructing limbs that have been jeopardized by a type of cancer called Sarcoma. Given his dual roles in human and animal health, Dr. Eward is committed to using a One Medicine approach to solving the terrible problem that cancer presents to all of us, whether we walk on two legs or four. His research attempts to identify common elements between types of cancer across different species. You can read more about Dr. Eward's research efforts at: • • • • •