2018 LinkedIn Top Voices Influencers . LinkedIn .


Annually, LinkedIn looks across its platform to uncover today's must-follow writers and creators around the globe. The 2018 Top Voices Influencers list of 20 includes Richard Branson, Melinda Gates, Brene Brown, and Mary Barra. As in past years, we do a special ranking of LinkedIn Influencers: Which leaders, thinkers and innovators saw the biggest impact via their writing, sharing, commenting and conversing? To find all of the standout voices, we use a combination of data and editorial signals. We screen for engagement among professionals sharing in their area of expertise, looking at what kind of conversations — measured by engagement, including comments and re-shares — their original content is creating. We track relative follower growth, too: Are these Influencers attracting dedicated fans in their particular sector? Finally, we emphasize quality and diversity; the list should reflect the world we work in.