The Seminary to Early Ministry Study

The Seminary to Ministry (SEM) study is a prospective, longitudinal cohort study of Duke Divinity School students that is being conducted by the Duke Clergy Health Initiative (CHI). Approximately 400 students from three entering (2019, 2020, 2022) classes at Duke Divinity School will be followed through divinity school and into at least the first several years of ministry. The study will consist of annual surveys with all students, in-depth qualitative interviews with 36 students, and the collection of other relevant data. The goal of the study is to understand how health and health behaviors change over time, how a sense of call develops, the (dis)connect between coursework and later career experiences, how career expectations change over time, and how theological convictions develop.

Awarded By

  • The Duke Endowment



  • $2,100,000.00


  • July 2018 - June 2023