Narrating Nature. ENV-HU

The overall goal of the WG is to shape a post-disciplinary intellectual environment that combines education and research (hopefully leading to undergraduate and graduate training in the future) in innovative ways and sets knowledge in the humanities into action to favor sustainable development. This directly addresses the need for a new generation of humanities scholars and scientists who are integrated environmental humanists or humanist environmentalists and able to put knowledge into the service of society. Though interconnections of four dimensions of the EnHu complex by pairing different approaches into two clusters that can facilitate weaving possible scenarios of encounter and exchange. These clusters are: 1. 1.1. Environmental Justice | 1.2 Poetics and Narration 2. 2.1. Arts and Nature | 2.2. Systems Theory (biology, hydrology, energy) Using the concepts and tools of system theory, material theory, political economy and ecology, energy systems analysis, and systems ecology the group will work to pose new questions that require a trans-disciplinary approach. EnHu focuses on the ‘remaking’ of the natural world, both discursively and materially, to explore the alteration of historical and cultural understandings of nature, and the direct modification of the natural world’s intimate materiality; from the alteration of genetic sequences (in plants and animals), the damming of rivers and oceans (due to pollution, energy production, and resource extraction industries) and to the wholesale transformation of ecosystems due to human waste.

Awarded By

  • Humanities Futures. FHI & Mellon Foundation



  • $25,000.00


  • 2016 - 2018