Laboratory-to-Clinic Translational Research and Development in Cancer

We will establish a Centre of Excellence around Laboratory-to-Clinic Translational Research and Development in Cancer (LCTRDC) based on endogenous-inspired anti-cancer diapeutics (diagnostics and therapeutics) through which David will coordinate a cross-divisional, cross-faculty and cross-institution programme. The goal of this research is to deliver an Investigational New Drug Application to the regulators within two years to exemplify the step-change of this new paradigm in treating cancer. A key part of effective delivery of agents to tumours (and any other part of the body) is in the route of administration and the design of the dosage delivery system. To realize this activity David will establish at Nottingham a Micro and Nano Particle Science and Engineering Resource (MNPSER), which will not only provide the unique and necessary physicochemical characterization and understanding of nanomedicine formulations but also a resource that may be accessed and utilized by all at the University. The work will be supported by two research posts for the first two years, after which they will be supported from externally-sought funds, and necessary technical support (Level 4). The School envisages two academic positions through the NRF scheme recruited in this area after the first year, thereby embedding what David brings in two new faculty positions and their ensuing research groups.

Awarded By

  • University of Nottingham



  • $618,238.00


  • June 2018 - May 2023