Co-Convenor. Subnature and Culinary Cultures. Humanities Writ Large, Duke University. August 2014 - November 2014

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“Subnature” is a word coined by architectural historian David Gissen for aspects of nature that the architectural discipline has traditionally shunned, such as dankness, darkness, mud, weeds, smoke, puddles, dust, debris, crowds, and pigeons. Subnature encapsulates the “problems” architects have attempted to solve, circumvent and avoid in favor of qualities such as light, airiness, cleanliness, and flow. This Emerging Humanities Network’s objective is to extend the rich topic of “subnature” from architecture to cuisine, querying how one discipline can inform another, providing a better understanding by studying a problem from a novel perspective. In addition to the classroom work, students in these connected courses will participate in a number of community events, including: • Talks about Ancient Greek cuisine and Nordic cuisine accompanied by a meal prepared from unusual ingredients, such as insects, molds, and weeds • A tasting of cave-aged cheeses • A pig roast that explores the Senegalese roots of people living in North Carolina, smoked and fermented foods, and the history of pork • A food truck offering Nineteenth Century New Orleans street food • An artistic smokehouse installation

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  • Co-Convenor


  • August 2014 - November 2014

Service or Event Name

  • Subnature and Culinary Cultures

Host Organization

  • Humanities Writ Large, Duke University

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  • Durham, NC