Director. GUIde Consortium. 2007


GUIde is a worldwide consortium of 10 of the largest turbomachinery companies (GE, Siemens, SAFRAN, Honeywell, IHI, Mitsubishi/Hitachi Power Systems, Pratt & Whitney, Doosan, Honeywell, ANSYS) and NASA. Excessive vibration of turbomachinery bladed disks can lead to fail in high cycle fatigue (HCF), potentially resulting in complete blade separation and loss of power, significant cost, and even loss of life. To address these challenges, the GUIde Consortium was formed with and emphasis on blade vibration and aeromechanics. The acronym "GUIde" stands for Government Agencies, Universities, and Industry working together on a common goal. Through cooperation, the industrial and academic members within the Consortium develop an enhanced view of how to achieve their objectives. Consequently, the Consortium members serve as "guides" for one another in solving challenges with controlling the vibration of bladed disks.


  • Director


  • 2007

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  • GUIde Consortium

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  • Duke University

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