Bass Connections Faculty Team Leader. Marine Microalgae for Sustainable Production of Food and Fuel. 2018 - 2019

Projects & Field Work

Primary Theme: Energy & Environment

Climate, energy and food security are three of the greatest challenges we face in this century. Large-scale industrial cultivation of marine microalgae has been shown to be a promising, environmentally-favorable approach for society to meet its climate goals by sustainably coproducing liquid hydrocarbon fuels and protein. Current models, based on the limited available empirical data, have shown that this sustainable coproduction of food and fuel is approaching economic feasibility. Emerging data from Duke, which leads the Marine Algae Industrialization Consortium (MAGIC), will dramatically help to advance these predictions if they are combined with a forward-looking economic and life cycle analysis.

Service Performed By

  • Johnson, Zackary  Arthur P. Kaupe Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology in Marine Science


  • Bass Connections Faculty Team Leader


  • 2018 - 2019

Service or Event Name

  • Marine Microalgae for Sustainable Production of Food and Fuel