Stargazing Volunteer. Stargazing Open Houses. Duke Teaching Observatory. 2017

Community Outreach

Since 2017 I have been helping Professor Ronen Plesser with open house events at the Duke Teaching Observatory. These events are open for all community members, and we often have visitors from Chapel Hill and Raleigh. We usually have around 5 open houses per semester (given that sometimes weather is beyond our control), and additionally bring telescopes to Duke sponsored community outreach events like Science Under the Stars. Moreover, we bring telescopes to appropriate locations for viewing particularly interesting events in the sky, including the solar eclipse of 2017 ( and a total lunar eclipse in early 2019. My role in these events is to set up and align telescopes, and then talk with visitors and show them the night sky. I now also train other graduate students to operate telescopes so that more volunteers can do this particularly powerful form of outreach.

Service Performed By


  • Stargazing Volunteer


  • 2017

Service or Event Name

  • Stargazing Open Houses

Host Organization

  • Duke Teaching Observatory