The Authority of Moral Beauty in Xunzi. Conference on Xunzi. Philosophy Department, Rutgers University. April 11, 2014

Invited Talk

Invited Lectures ; Talk given at Rutgers at a conference on Xunzi and authority sponsored by Philosophy and Religious Studies Departments. Commentary on my talk delivered by Ruth Chang. Confucian ethics is unusual in associating beauty with ethical excellence. There is a similar theme in philosophers such as Aristotle, but the association with beauty is by far the most developed in Xunzi. I present the textual case for this as well as the philosophical and psychological case for taking this association seriously as a view on its own merits.

Service Performed By

  • Wong, David B.  Susan Fox Beischer and George D. Beischer Trinity College Arts and Sciences Professor of Philosophy


  • April 11, 2014

Service or Event Name

  • Conference on Xunzi

Host Organization

  • Philosophy Department, Rutgers University

Location or Venue

  • New Brunswick, NJ