Documentary on the death of Pablo Neruda and recent allegations. August 23, 2013


Invited Lectures ; Ram Devineni of Rattapallax Films and magazines ; Ram Devineni (President of Rattapallax) is a filmmaker, publisher and founder of Rattapallax Films and magazine and was part of the Centenary of Neruda. He received an NEA grant to make a short documentary on the death of Pablo Neruda and the recent allegations. He wanted to include my essay/lecture on Neruda's death and how the Chilean people used the funeral procession as a way to protest against the dictatorship. His documentary will very much focus on that incident, and he wished to interview me about it. My interview is very critical to his documentary. He also wanted to include my essay "The Last Sept 11" audio recorded me reading a poem for the APP. He expects to finish everything by June 2014.

Service Performed By

  • Dorfman, Ariel  Walter Hines Page Research Professor Emeritus of Literature


  • August 23, 2013

Location or Venue

  • Duke University