Academic Writing for Inter-Disciplinary Communication. July 10, 2013


Invited Lectures ; D.K. Comer ; ; As institutions of higher learning make growing numbers of interdisciplinary faculty hires, establish ever more interdisciplinary units, develop interdisciplinary curricula, and pursue growth sectors such as global and online education, the ability to write effectively across disciplinary boundaries is becoming ever morre vital, and ever more complex. The rapidly changing and expanding academic climate lends urgency for students, faculty, staff, and administrators not only to learn how to communicate across disciplines, but also to reflect meaningfully on why they might want to do so. Drawing on David Russell’s activity theory and other scholarship on writing transfer, this keynote address will focus on strategies for and benefits of interdisciplinary communication through writing. During the keynote, Comer will sponsor and facilitate audience participation, thereby enacting interdisciplinary conversation among participants so we can together raise questions and think more deeply about shared and distinct values, expectations, and conventions of writing across disciplines.

Service Performed By

  • Comer, Denise K.  Associate Professor of the Practice of Thompson Writing Program


  • July 10, 2013

Location or Venue

  • International Conference on Education, Training and Informatics (ICETI) Orlando, Florida