Black Studies: Choices, Challenges and Triumphs. Division of the Humanities and Arts and the Black Studies Program. April 22, 2013


Invited Lectures ; J. Lorand Matory ; If CCNY decides to rebuild the Program, it must make wise decisions about the geographical and disciplinary breadth of the program's coverage, be balance of scholarship and social interventionism to be expected of the faculty, how many lines and how much office space to allocate, and whether to base it on collaboration between faculty whose time belongs to other units. It faces the challenge that Africanists, Caribbeanists, Latin Americanists and North Americanists come from traditions of scholarship where the standard questions are often quite different. It would be useful to articulate questions that might unite such a faculty and hire accordingly. CCNY will also have to decide whether to start a program from scratch, or rely on existing personnel, with their own history of stakes and convictions.

Service Performed By

  • Matory, J. Lorand  Lawrence Richardson Distinguished Professor of Cultural Anthropology


  • April 22, 2013

Host Organization

  • Division of the Humanities and Arts and the Black Studies Program

Location or Venue

  • City College of New York