Neosentience – The Abstraction of Abstraction. European Meetings on Cybernetics and Systems Research (EMCSR). Austrian Society for Cybernetic Studies. December 18, 2012


Public Lectures ;Bill Seaman ;Seaman and O. E. Rössler have been involved in a decade long discussion exploring the future of artificial intelligence and its relation to robotics. Seaman coined the term Neosentience arising out of an ongoing “conversation” with Rössler which is articulated in their book – Neosentience | The Benevolence Engine (Seaman and Rössler, 2011). We consider a Neosentient robotic entity to be a learning system that could exhibit well-defined functionalities: It learns; it intelligently navigates; it interacts via natural language; it generates simulations of behavior (it “thinks” about potential behaviors) before acting in physical space; it is creative in some manner; it comes to have a deep situated knowledge of context through multimodal sensing; it exhibits a sense of play; it will be mirror competent and will in this sense show self-awareness; It will be competent to go through the personogenetic bifurcation (thereby acquiring the ability to articulate meta-levels and meta-patterns). We have entitled this robotic entity The Benevolence Engine. The interfunctionality is complex enough to operationally mimic human sentience. Benevolence can in principle arise in the interaction of two such systems. (Seaman and Rössler, 2011) Each of these “pragmatic” benchmarks (as distinct from the Turing Test)(Turing, 1950)( Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy) will be discussed in relation to earlier cybernetic research. The Neosentient will be brought up (brought to life) in a social and cultural sphere of reciprocal inter and intra-actions contributing to language and knowledge acquisition. This is achieved thought embodied relations to the environment, self and others.

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  • December 18, 2012

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  • European Meetings on Cybernetics and Systems Research (EMCSR)

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  • Austrian Society for Cybernetic Studies

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  • Vienna Austria