Four Transcultural Case Studies: Transmedial Walks, Drives and Observations. December 18, 2012


Public Lectures ;Bill Seaman ;Lecture given via Video in Shanghai, China - This talk will discuss four different case studies related to complex technological works which were created through international collaborations. • The Exquisite Mechanism of Shivers / Ex.Mech (Premier Exhibition of ICC, Tokyo; shot in Australia and Former Yugoslavia) (Seaman, 1994) • Red Dice / Des Chiffré (Commissioned by the National Gallery of Canada) (Seaman, 2000) • Com↔Space (정영웅 Yeong-woong Cheong, Art Center Nabi, Seoul Korea) (Seaman and Cheong, 2007) • A China of Many Senses (Travels with Xiaowen Chen, Wexner Video Residency, Generative work with Todd Berreth at Duke) (Seaman and Berreth, 2011–present) The talk will discuss elements of language, culture, technological creation, and process. Key words: language, culture, technological creation, generative systems, interactive art, installation art

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  • December 18, 2012