Dark Matter in Galaxies (Dark Matter Awareness Week talk) by Hubert Bray and Andriy Badin (Survey Talk). Dark Matter Awareness Week. Duke University. December 6, 2010

Invited Talk

112 minutes total - Part I (66 minutes): Bray describes the astronomical evidence for dark matter in galaxies. Part II (21 minutes, 66 minutes in): Badin describes searches for dark matter particles. Part III (25 minutes, 87 minutes in): Bray describes his work on a general relativity approach to dark matter described by a scalar field satisfying the Klein-Gordon equation as a possible explanation for spiral patterns in galaxies. URL: https://www4.math.duke.edu/video/video.html?_vidId=07d6c44132bdd3a822b1707407129e82

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  • December 6, 2010

Service or Event Name

  • Dark Matter Awareness Week

Host Organization

  • Duke University

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  • Duke University