From Textbooks to Playlists: The rise of Multimodal Learning. CIT Showcase 2015. CIT. October 13, 2015


Colleges and universities are considering adding video making, or visual literacy, as a core skill. Preparing students for a highly visual communication landscape that requires critical thinking to offset consumerism requires multimodal learning and cognitive skills. Researching, creating, and sharing video playlists is an important way to create personalized learning pathways and promote continuous learning. Join us to see a number of case studies that demonstrate the positive learning outcomes of multimodal learning in academic and corporate settings and discover how to create playlists that can be annotated, edited, and shared across teams.

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  • October 13, 2015

Service or Event Name

  • CIT Showcase 2015

Host Organization

  • CIT

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  • Bostock 127, The Edge, Duke University