On self-dual curves. Griffiths Conference 2018. University of Miami. March 2, 2018

Invited Talk

Abstract: An algebraic curve in the projective plane (or, more generally in a higher dimensional projective space) is said to be 'self-dual' if it is projectively equivalent to its dual curve (after, possibly, an automorphism of the curve). Familiar examples are the nonsingular conics (or, more generally, rational normal curves in higher dimensions) and the 'binomial curves' y^a = x^b, but there are many more such curves, even in the plane. I'll survey some of the literature on these curves, particularly in the plane and 3-space, and some of what is known about their classification and moduli, including their connection with contact curves in certain contact 3-folds, some of which are singular. I'll also provide what appear to be some new examples of these curves.

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  • March 2, 2018

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  • Griffiths Conference 2018

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  • University of Miami

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  • University of Miami