Embodied Kinesonics: Interface, Transformation and Disappearance. Digital Humanities Speaker Series. Virginia Tech. April 6, 2018

Invited Talk

Where does the body end, and the interface begin? When does an interface become an instrument, and what role does virtuosity play when sound production is dissociated from physical causality? With the increasing use of real-time computation in live settings, what is the relationship between process and performance? This hybrid artist talk / demonstration will feature recent projects by sound artist, interface designer and researcher Quran Karriem, who traces the shifting boundaries between bodies, instruments and interfaces across a varied array of emergent hardware and software instruments and performance idioms.

Service Performed By


  • April 6, 2018

Service or Event Name

  • Digital Humanities Speaker Series

Host Organization

  • Virginia Tech

Location or Venue

  • The Athenaeum, Blacksburg, VA