Artist Talk and Demonstration by Quran Karriem. Ruby Fridays. Duke University. September 7, 2018

Invited Talk

This hybrid artist talk / demonstration will feature recent projects by Quran Karriem, a sound artist, interface designer and current student in Duke’s new Computational Media, Arts and Cultures PhD program. Quran’s work traces the shifting sociopolitical boundaries between bodies, instruments and interfaces across a varied array of emergent live performance and real-time processing idioms. This event follows a summer residency at the Ruby during which Karriem and his fellow student Rebecca Uliasz worked on Synthball—a lucid digital instrument for gestural control of real-time audio-visual software.

Service Performed By


  • September 7, 2018

Service or Event Name

  • Ruby Fridays

Host Organization

  • Duke University

Location or Venue

  • Rubenstein Arts Center