Finsler metrics with constant positive flag curvature and holonomy. New Methods in Finsler Geometry. Clay Mathematics Institute. May 22, 2018

International Meeting or Conference

In this talk, I will describe a couple of cases in which Finsler geometry leads to connections with special holonomy. In particular, I will describe how a Finsler metric with constant positive flag curvature induces a canonical Kahler metric on its space of geodesics and how certain such Finsler metrics determine (and are determined by) spaces carrying a torsion-free connection whose holonomy is 'exotic' in the sense that it is not on the lists of the currently accepted groups that can be holonomy of torsion-free connections.

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  • May 22, 2018

Service or Event Name

  • New Methods in Finsler Geometry

Host Organization

  • Clay Mathematics Institute

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  • Pisa, Italy