Building our Universe with Qubits. Physics Colloquium. Tata Institute for Fundamental Research. July 31, 2019

Invited Talk

The success of the standard model of particle physics is based on the quantum theory of fields where the basic assumptions lead to mathematical infinities. While the theory of renormalization helps us understand why these infinities are in fact harmless, they are still difficult to handle computationally, especially within the strongly interacting sector that describes nuclear physics. Recent effort to overcome these computational bottlenecks using a quantum computer is motivating us to think of new ways to build our universe with qubits. I will discuss the basic ideas and some recent results that suggests that this may indeed be possible.

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  • July 31, 2019

Service or Event Name

  • Physics Colloquium

Host Organization

  • Tata Institute for Fundamental Research

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  • Hyderabad, India