Conformal dimensions in the large charge sectors at the Wilson-Fisher fixed point using qubit formulations. Invited Condensed Matter Seminar. Perimeter Institute. May 28, 2019

Invited Talk

Using Monte Carlo methods we explore how well does the recent proposal for computing conformal dimensions, using a large charge expansion, work. We focus on the O(2) and the O(4) Wilson-Fisher fixed points as test cases. Since the traditional Monte Carlo approach suffers from a severe signal-to-noise ratio problem in the large charge sectors, we use worldline formulations that eliminate such problems. In particular we argue that the O(4) model can be simplified drastically by studying what we refer to as a "qubit" formulation. Such simpler formulations of quantum field theories have become interesting recently from the perspective of quantum computing. Using our studies we confirm that the conformal dimensions of both conformal field theories with O(2) and O(4) symmetries obey a simple formula predicted by the large charge expansion. We also compute the two leading universal low energy constants in both cases , that play an important role in the large charge expansion.

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  • May 28, 2019

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  • Invited Condensed Matter Seminar

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  • Perimeter Institute

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  • Waterloo, Canada