Fostering independent language learners in the language classroom: Activities and reflections. AAAL, Houston, TX.. February 2021

International Meeting or Conference

This presentation introduces Independent Language Learning (ILL) principles and how they can be applied to in-class and online settings in a global university environment. This poster discusses how to provide students (novice/intermediate) with an opportunity to learn how to become 1) more autonomous language learners; 2) more skilled at choosing language learning strategies that fit their needs, goals, and learning environment; and 3) more skilled at building and sustaining the motivation necessary for ILL. During the presentation, I describe concrete examples of activities I assigned during a second semester of French at the university level, such as brief city guides for French speakers, and research projects based on the cultures of interest of the learners that allowed them to explore a city, learn about its history and population. I also provide sample ILL plans that students designed to foster their autonomy during the semester, but also over the summer and the subsequent academic year. Participants will leave with a series of activities applicable to their own teaching contexts, not only in post-secondary education, but also in K-12.

Service Performed By


  • February 2021

Host Organization

  • AAAL, Houston, TX.