I Eat, Therefore I Am: East Asian Food Cultures. Exploring Self and Community in Dark Times. Trinity College Duke. March 24, 2021


Join a conversation about the myriad ways in which we talk about and around food and culture, especially as it pertains to Asian foodways – what are some frameworks for talking about food, and the geographic/political/cultural complexities of drawing boundaries around a term such as “East Asia”? Topics might include migration (of specific foods and crops and spices as well as of peoples), cuisine, and empire; issues of authenticity and hybridity (Chinatown chop-suey); virtual consumption (mukbang videos) and virtual labor (Animal Crossing); history as periods of famine and plenitude and lack; food as danger in times of contagion (“bat soup”) and the ethics of consumption in times of crisis The lecture was part of a series for first- and second-year Duke students called Exploring Self and Community in Dark Times.

Service Performed By


  • March 24, 2021

Service or Event Name

  • Exploring Self and Community in Dark Times

Host Organization

  • Trinity College Duke

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  • Duke University (recorded zoom panel)