Critical Terms for New Media

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Communications, philosophy, film and video, digital culture: media studies straddles an astounding array of fields and disciplines and produces a vocabulary that is in equal parts rigorous and intuitive. Critical Terms for Media Studies defines, and at times, redefines, what this new and hybrid area aims to do, illuminating the key concepts behind its liveliest debates and most dynamic topics. Part of a larger conversation that engages culture, technology, and politics, this exciting collection of essays explores our most critical language for dealing with the qualities and modes of contemporary media. Edited by two outstanding scholars in the field, W. J. T. Mitchell and Mark B. N. Hansen, the volume features works by a team of distinguished contributors. These essays, commissioned expressly for this volume, are organized into three interrelated groups: “Aesthetics” engages with terms that describe sensory experiences and judgments, “Technology” offers entry into a broad array of technological concepts, and “Society” opens up language that describes the systems which allow a medium to function. A compelling reference work for the twenty-first century and the media that form our experience within it, Critical Terms for Media Studies will engage and deepen any reader’s knowledge of one of our most important new fields. Contributors: Bill Brown, Bruce Clarke, Joanna Drucker, Alex Galloway, Peter Goodrich, David Graeber, N. Katherine Hayles, John Johnston, Caroline Jones, Lydia Liu, John Durham Peters, Bernard Stiegler, Eugene Thacker, David Wellberry, Bernadette Wegenstein, Geoffrey Winthrop-Young, and Cary Wolfe.

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  • Hansen, MBN; Mitchell, WTJ

Published Date

  • 2010

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