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This extensive essay/annotated bibliography on Performance Art is divided into the following divisions, many with sub-sections. It begins with the following divisions: General Overview; Major Exhibitions; Journals; Modernist Avant-Garde Performance; and Post-1945 Proto-Performance, which includes sub-sections on Performance in Japan (1954–1970); Situationist International (1957–1972); Happenings (c. 1958–1970); Destruction in Art (1950s–present); Grupo Neoconcreto (1959–1961); Viennese Actionism (1960–1971); AKTUAL Group (1960–1975); Arte Destructivo (1961); Fluxus (1962–1978); Gorgona Group (1959–1966) and OHO-Group (1965–1971); and Body Art (1967–Present). The next division on Books, Essays, Anthologies, and Exhibitions is divided into sub-sections by decade from the 1950s through the 2010s. The next division is on Performance-Related Mediums and includes sub-sections on Photography and Performance Art; Intermedia; Expanded Cinema; Video; and Digital New Media. The next division on Identity Politics, Cultural Constructs, and Affective Experience includes sub-sections on Sexuality and Gender; Race and Ethnicity; Feminism; Performance, Medicine, and the Body without Organs; Trauma and Performance;and Culture Wars. The final division on Participation and Collectivism includes sub-sections on Social Intervention and Activism; Performativity; and Reenactment.

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  • Oxford Bibliographies in Art History

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