Towards a New Radical Agenda: A Critique of Mainstreamed Sociological Radicalism

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In this long review article (2,400 hundred words) I challenge the radical Marxist project in American sociology. First, I challenge its whiteness. Second, I challenge its male orientation and blindness to the centrality of gender. Third, I critique its class reductionism. Fourth, I challenge its eurocentrism. Fifth, I criticize their anal retentive focus on perfect theory and their concomitant limited engagement in practical struggles. Lastly, I suggest that their incorporation into the mainstream has had some negative consequences–and most members of the cohort that led the battle for Marxism to be part of mainstream sociology seem unaware of the perils of incorporation.

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  • Bonilla-Silva, E

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  • Levine, R

Published Date

  • 2005

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  • Contemporary Sociology

Volume / Issue

  • 35 / 2

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  • 111 - 114