International Security and Arms Control


International Security and Arms Control examines the impact of arms control and nuclear strategy issues on the relationship between the United States and the Soviet Union. Based on a conference held at Emory University, this book's contributors include former Presidents Ford and Carter, as well as Kenneth Adelman, Howard Baker, Harold Brown, Zbigniew Brezinski, McGeorge Bundy, Norman Dicks, Anatoly Dobrynin, Thomas Downey, Ralph Earle II, El Sayed Abdel Raouf El Reddy, Richard Garwin, Albert Gore, Jr., Gerhard Herder, Johwn Howe, William Hyland, David Jones, Kinya Niiseki, Sam Nunn, Joseph Nyle, Robert O'Neil, William Perry, Quan Jia-dong, Friedrich Ruth, James Schlesinger, Brent Scowcroft,Agha Shahi, Helmut Sonnenfeld, Ted Stevens, Sergei Tarasenko, Cyrus Vance, and Evgeny Velikhov. They explore the interaction between regional conflicts and superpower policies, how new technologies affect the status quo, and the past record and future prospects for negotiations. Including an examination of U.S. allies and non-nuclear nations, this important and timely new work will appeal to the specialist or layman interested in this critical issue.

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  • Mickiewicz, E; Kolkowicz, R

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  • 1986

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