Dar Mahzar-e Faqih-e Azadeh (In the Presence of a Noble Theologian Ayatollah Montazeri (1922-2009) A Collection of Exchanges between the Mentor and the Disciple)

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The content of this book can be divided into two main parts. The first part is the opinions on which the mentor and the student agree: The rights of political dissidents, some of Montazeri’s Initiative Ideas, and removing a cruel and unjust ruler. The second part of the book contains the student's scientific disagreements with his mentor that are either responded to generously or with silence. Five topics are covered in this part: human rights, the principle of the Illegitimacy of rule without the consent of the people, limiting the qualifications of the faqih, the Illegitimacy of wilayat al- faqih, and nuclear weapons.

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  • Kadivar, M

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  • July 2015

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