Ebtezal-e Marja’iyyat-e Shi’a (The Trivialization of Shi’i Authority: Impeaching Iran’s Supreme Leader’s Claim to Religious Authority)

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The story of Khamenei’s sole marja’iyyat has four parts. First, he was the capable orator serving the regime, with no claim to ijtihad, and wouldn’t even dream of Leadership and marja’iyyat: Hojjatol-Islam wal-Moslemin Khamenei. Second, he obtained Leadership and absolute authority as faqih-ruler based on the regime’s expediency from 4 June 1989: Ayatollah Khamenei, Supreme Leader. Third, he planned for marja’iyyat from late 1989 and officially announced it in Dec 1994: Grand Ayatollah Khamenei Marja-e’ Jayezol-Taqlid. Fourth, he endeavored for supreme and unique marja’iyyat from the summer of 1997: Imam Khamenei! And human greed has no limit. He is not the only one responsible in this problem; his clerical partners from Ayatollah Khomeini’s school share the blame in this trivialization of Shi’i marja’iyyat. The conclusion of this book is firstly, that it is impossible to qualify the Leader’s marja’iyyat, and secondly, that there exist numerous pieces of evidence and testimonies about his incompetence in issuing fatwas and in marja’iyyat.

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  • Kadivar, M

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  • May 2015

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