Faraz wa forud-e Azari Qomi (The Rise and Fall of Azari Qomi: The Evolution of Ayatollah Ahmad Azari Qomi's Thought)


Book (Monograph)

Ayatollah Ahmad Azari Qomi (1923-1999) has expressed the largest authority for the jurist guardian (wali faqih) in the history of Shi’ism. The announcement of the incompetence cleric’s (Khamene’i) marja’iyat was Azari’s breaking point. The expediency of the regime was not an elixir that could legitimize even temporally the marja’iyat of an incompetent cleric (mujtahid-e mutejazzi). Since about Dec. 1994 to Nov. 1995, Azari, who was a fervent devotee of the absolute guardianship of the jurist (wilayat-e mutlaqey-e faqih), realized the truth. The early Azari gave way to the later Azari. This book is the story of this shifting with focus on late Azarai's thought. In this historical letter, Azari found Khamene’i’s absolute guardianship, even his whole guardianship, completely void based on the fact that he did not meet the necessary conditions of a qualified mujtahid for imitation (ja’iz al-taqlid).

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  • February 2014

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