Nazariat al-Dawlah fi al-Fiqh al-Shi’i (The Theories of State in Shi’ite Law)

Book (Monograph)

It is the second Arabic translation of this Persian book. It classified the theories of the governance in Shi’ite Islam, and argued that the official theory of Ayatollah Khomeini on Shi’ite theocracy, “the absolute appointive guardianship of the jurist,” is not the unique theory of governance in Shi’ite jurisprudence. Instead, it is only one of nine theories. The majority of Shi’a jurists do not believe in this doctrine, but only a minority consisting of the founder of the Islamic Republic and most of his students. These nine theories belong to the last two centuries and were classified to two main categories: non-democratic and semi-democratic.

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  • Kadivar, M

Published Date

  • 2004

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  • Beirut


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