Data and scripts from: Glassy, Gardner-like phenomenology in minimally polydisperse crystalline systems


We report on a nonequilibrium phase of matter, the minimally disordered crystal phase, which we find exists between the maximally amorphous glasses and the ideal crystal. Even though these near crystals appear highly ordered, they display glassy and jamming features akin to those observed in amorphous solids. Structurally, they exhibit a power-law scaling in their probability distribution of weak forces and small interparticle gaps as well as a flat density of vibrational states. Dynamically, they display anomalous aging above a characteristic pressure. Quantitatively, this disordered crystal phase has much in common with the Gardner-like phase seen in maximally disordered solids. Near crystals should be amenable to experimental realizations in commercially available particulate systems and are to be indispensable in verifying the theory of amorphous materials.

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  • Charbonneau, P; Tsekenis, G; van der Naald, M; Fu, L; Corwin, EI

Published Date

  • February 5, 2019

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  • 10.7924/r4k93500n