Data and scripts from: Universal non-Debye scaling in the density of states of amorphous solids


The data files in this collection are associated with the paper "Universal Non-Debye Scaling in the Density of States of Amorphous Solids", A. Poncet, P. Charbonneau, E. I. Corwin, G. Parisi, and F. Zamponi, PRL, 2016. They include .dat, .pdf, .gnu, .eps and .gle files with associated raw data and generating scripts to allow for replication of the figures. At the jamming transition, amorphous packings are known to display anomalous vibrational modes with a density of states (DOS) that remains constant at low frequency. The scaling of the DOS at higher packing fractions remains, however, unclear. One might expect to find simple Debye scaling, but recent results from effective medium theory and the exact solution of mean-field models both predict an anomalous, non-Debye scaling. Being mean-field solutions, however, these solutions are only strictly valid in the limit of infinite spatial dimension, and it is unclear what value they have for finite-dimensional systems. Here, we study packings of soft spheres in dimensions 3 through 7 and find, away from jamming, a universal non-Debye scaling of the DOS that is consistent with the mean-field predictions. We also consider how the soft mode participation ratio converges to the mean-field prediction as dimension increases.

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  • Charbonneau, P; Corwin, EI; Parisi, G; Poncet, A; Zamponi, F

Published Date

  • October 4, 2018

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  • 10.7924/r4j67dg2z