Data and scripts from: Equilibrium phase behavior of the square-well linear microphase-forming model


The data files in this collection are associated with the paper "Equilibrium phase behavior of the square-well linear microphase-forming model", Y. Zhuang, P. Charbonneau, PRL, 2016. They include .dat, .gle and .eps files with associated raw data and generating scripts to allow for replication of the figures. We have recently developed a simulation approach to calculate the equilibrium phase diagram of particle-based microphase formers. Here, this approach is used to calculate the phase behavior of the square-well-linear model for different strengths and ranges of the linear long--range repulsive component. The results are compared with various theoretical predictions for microphase formation. The analysis further allows us to better understand the mechanism for microphase formation in colloidal suspensions.

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  • Charbonneau, P; Zhuang, Y

Published Date

  • October 9, 2018

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  • 10.7924/r42z16837